Digi One IAP and Digi One IAP Haz serial servers combine reliable serial-to-Ethernet connectivity with protocol conversion and interoperability. Users can IP enable a broad range of serial devices, as well as link two industrial devices. It is ideal for device management and monitoring applications requiring specific industry protocol support as well as harsh environments where exposure to extreme temperatures, volatile liquids and gases is common. The Haz model includes a conformal coated PCB and operating temperature range of -35° C to +74° C.

  • Industrial serial server and protocol bridge
  • Hardened 1-port device server for hazardous locations
  • Multi-master/multi-protocol support
  • Conformal coated circuit board
  • Device server with 1 DB-9 serial port plus pass-through port
  • Digi One IAP datasheet | Digi One IAP Haz datasheet